Saint Vincent Day’s Home – Serving Families in Need in Oakland

Saint Vincent’s Day Home pic
Saint Vincent’s Day Home

The founder of Taking It to the Streets, Rene Boisvert, leads the cutting edge nonprofit organization that assists agencies that provides food, shelter, and medical services to individuals and families in need throughout California. Active in the local community, Rene Boisvert additionally serves on the board of directors of the Saint Vincent’s Day Home.

Founded in 1911, Saint Vincent’s Day Home remains in the same nineteenth century Victorian home where it began in West Oakland. The nonprofit organization operates a variety of early learning programs and provides family services to those who are most vulnerable. In addition to providing learning programs for toddlers and preschoolers, the organization runs a full-day, licensed kindergarten program.

Focusing on the whole individual, the organization also provides nutritious food and health screening for children. To support the family unit, Saint Vincent’s Day Home offers parent education and makes referrals to social services for families, with an emphasis on multi ethnic and single-parent families who struggle financially.

Boisvert offers his strategic planning and business development expertise to the Day Home. In 2007, Boisvert was
honored by the Day Home for his contributions.