Billboard Magazine praises Rene Boisvert’s efforts

Taking it to the Streets pic
Taking it to the Streets

Nonprofit executive Rene Boisvert oversees Taking It to the Streets, a San Francisco-based non-profit group that provides a range of support services to those suffering in poverty. Prior to his activities with Taking It to the Streets, Rene Boisvert was a nationally recognized concert promoter promoting over 300 concerts throughout the western United States.

Boisvert’s expertise in street marketing led to an above industry level percentage of sold out shows.

“A true street promoter, Boisvert’s strength lies in his ability to work multiple marketing strategies within a given marketplace to achieve maximum possible sales.” — Billboard Magazine (international music trade publication)

Boisvert has taken his event industry marketing experience and expertise and has translated it for the benefit of
his non-profit organization Taking it to the Streets. His marketing talents has been used to establish the non-profit
fundraising business model Multiplication Philanthropy. The cutting edge of philanthropic fundraising.


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