Paramount Theatre of the Arts

The Paramount Theatre pic
The Paramount Theatre

An accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist, Rene Boisvert oversees Taking It to the Streets, a nonprofit that generates funds to provide support for those living in poverty. Outside of his activities at Taking it to the Streets, Rene Boisvert has dedicated his time and resources to several local organizations, including Oakland’s Paramount Theatre of the Arts. Boisvert was the former Vice President of the theatre’s board of directors.

The Paramount Theatre is a beautiful Art Deco, 3,000 seat performing arts venue. It is the home to the Oakland Symphony and the Oakland Ballet Company, as well as hosts of concerts, comedy acts, nationally known speakers, musicals, and classic movies.

Boisvert, earlier in his career was a prominent concert producer. During that period, Boisvert produced many
shows at the Oakland Paramount Theatre including — Linda Ronstadt, Tim Allen, Willie Nelson, and many others.