Jerry Seinfeld – Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee pic
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Rene Boisvert stands out as the founder of Taking It to the Streets, a nonprofit organization committed to helping people living in poverty. Also an experienced concert promoter, Rene Boisvert has produced live shows for many popular stars, including comedian legend Jerry Seinfeld.

On January 5, 2017, Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee premiered its ninth season. That same
month it was announced that the series would migrate from Crackle to Netflix. Twenty four new episodes will stream on Netflix in 2017 and 2018.

Seinfeld has stated that the roots of the show’s concept traced to a DVD he made for his 2002 documentary Comedian.
Seinfeld intentionally crafted the show’s format around the car drive and movement apecifically because “when attempting to show the meandering, silly, and sometimes deep conversations that comedians share, you have to remove the audience to keep the participants from dropping into their acts.”


Billboard Magazine praises Rene Boisvert’s efforts

Taking it to the Streets pic
Taking it to the Streets

Nonprofit executive Rene Boisvert oversees Taking It to the Streets, a San Francisco-based non-profit group that provides a range of support services to those suffering in poverty. Prior to his activities with Taking It to the Streets, Rene Boisvert was a nationally recognized concert promoter promoting over 300 concerts throughout the western United States.

Boisvert’s expertise in street marketing led to an above industry level percentage of sold out shows.

“A true street promoter, Boisvert’s strength lies in his ability to work multiple marketing strategies within a given marketplace to achieve maximum possible sales.” — Billboard Magazine (international music trade publication)

Boisvert has taken his event industry marketing experience and expertise and has translated it for the benefit of
his non-profit organization Taking it to the Streets. His marketing talents has been used to establish the non-profit
fundraising business model Multiplication Philanthropy. The cutting edge of philanthropic fundraising.

Saint Vincent Day’s Home – Serving Families in Need in Oakland

Saint Vincent’s Day Home pic
Saint Vincent’s Day Home

The founder of Taking It to the Streets, Rene Boisvert, leads the cutting edge nonprofit organization that assists agencies that provides food, shelter, and medical services to individuals and families in need throughout California. Active in the local community, Rene Boisvert additionally serves on the board of directors of the Saint Vincent’s Day Home.

Founded in 1911, Saint Vincent’s Day Home remains in the same nineteenth century Victorian home where it began in West Oakland. The nonprofit organization operates a variety of early learning programs and provides family services to those who are most vulnerable. In addition to providing learning programs for toddlers and preschoolers, the organization runs a full-day, licensed kindergarten program.

Focusing on the whole individual, the organization also provides nutritious food and health screening for children. To support the family unit, Saint Vincent’s Day Home offers parent education and makes referrals to social services for families, with an emphasis on multi ethnic and single-parent families who struggle financially.

Boisvert offers his strategic planning and business development expertise to the Day Home. In 2007, Boisvert was
honored by the Day Home for his contributions.

Paramount Theatre of the Arts

The Paramount Theatre pic
The Paramount Theatre

An accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist, Rene Boisvert oversees Taking It to the Streets, a nonprofit that generates funds to provide support for those living in poverty. Outside of his activities at Taking it to the Streets, Rene Boisvert has dedicated his time and resources to several local organizations, including Oakland’s Paramount Theatre of the Arts. Boisvert was the former Vice President of the theatre’s board of directors.

The Paramount Theatre is a beautiful Art Deco, 3,000 seat performing arts venue. It is the home to the Oakland Symphony and the Oakland Ballet Company, as well as hosts of concerts, comedy acts, nationally known speakers, musicals, and classic movies.

Boisvert, earlier in his career was a prominent concert producer. During that period, Boisvert produced many
shows at the Oakland Paramount Theatre including — Linda Ronstadt, Tim Allen, Willie Nelson, and many others.